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I keep telling myself that I should really use my crockpot more often. A fully cooked, hot meal ready and waiting after a long chilly day? What’s not to like? Well, I’ve got a little problem. My days are very, very long. Like, usually 12 hours long from the time I leave for work until I get from the gym in the evening. And, I’m only cookin...

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Enjoy our hearty "Galloping Gourmets" collection of brunch and breakfast recipes in the July 2006 issue of Canadian Living magazine.

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this is a great dish for Sunday mornings. The kids love it.

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Breakfast replenishes the body's energy supply after the nightlong fast and plays an important role in children's performance at school. Thus these tasty bars not only work for the morning rush but also as a treat with lunch.

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Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, these appetizers have just a hint of heat. If you make and freeze a batch ahead, they'll require just a quick sauté to be ready.

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